SCAG Power Equipment - SCAG Doesn't Stand Behind It's Own Brand

Highland Park,Michigan
Not resolved

Our City purchase a 3 brand new Scag Mowers in 2014, one of them caught fire after being placed on a trailer after use, the fire was quickly extinguished but the new under warranty SCAG was damaged, and in need of repair.

Being the new Director @ this job, It took two weeks of investigating to figure out why the SCAG had been sitting in our garage broken and still under warranty..... Once I had all of the documents, and photos in hand I contacted the vendors with no resolve knowing that the equipment was in fact still under warranty @ the time it caught fire. I then wrote directly to SCAG online.

I got a call within 2 days, hoping that it would resolve everything, but all I received was an invitation by a company sublet to by SCAG to handle, and resolve SCAG equip issues. I was given information to take the mower to a authorized dealer, after the contracted company saw the photos of my damaged equipment.

After contacting the Authorized Repair Shop, without ever hearing from a SCAG Corporate person, I spoke to a repairman who told me for a min $200 fee would he would diagnose the problems if any, list the cost of replacement parts and deduct the $200 fee from the equipment repair, should we decide to fix it.

I dropped of the SCAG to get it repaired upset that the dealer told me not to even bring it unless the $200 was paid in full first! I pulled out my credit card, and made sure he got his money to evaluate the SCAG zero turn mower once my employees arrived with it.

I plan to pay the Authorized SCAG repair shop every penny we owe them to properly repair our equipment without filing an insurance claim to recoup any loses. but I'll be auctioning off every piece of SCAG equipment our city currently owns @ the Department of Public Works, once I get that SCAG zero turn mower back.

Without mentioning the name of the Equipment, this City will purchase going forward, The Equipment Will Have The Full Warrantied Support Of The Next Brand We Use....... I will say that had I been a Corporate person with any company, I wouldn't allow my BRAND to lose 1 customer over a issue like this.

When you marry a Kawasaki, or a Briggs and Stratton to your Branded Chassis, and it catches fire.... The "customer" shouldn't be the villain, the Manufacture should try to make things right to the best of it's ability.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $9532.

I didn't like: I have 4 scag zero turns 4 sell.

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